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Lake Wallenpaupack is located in the heart of Pike and Wayne Counties in Northeastern Pa. One of the BEST kept secrets in the Poconos!

Come escape to the Lake and enjoy one of Pa's finest man made motor boating lake, historic culture, award winning golf courses, fine dining and entertainment and more!

Often nicknamed "The Big Lake", Lake Wallenpaupack encompasses 52 miles of shoreline and is 13 miles long.

Tucked away around the lake are wonderful developments ranging from full amenity communities to those that are "all about the lake" with boat slips included.

Enjoy fishing, waterskiing,sailing, jet skiing, tubing, parasailing and more in the summer and in the winter there is ice fishing, snowmobiling and even golfing on the frozen lake!

PPL built Lake Wallenpaupack in 1926 as a hydroelectric plant. The project took 2,700 people about two years to complete, which included the construction of the dam, power plant, flow line and Tafton Dike. Once the dam was closed off, the reservoir took about seven months to fill to become Lake Wallenpaupack.

The Wallenpaupack hydroelectric plant is operated remotely from a control center 85 miles away in Allentown, Pa. The plant is owned by a subsidiary of PPL Generation, and had its operating license last renewed in July 2005 by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

In addition to providing a water source for the generation of clean, renewable electricity, the 5,700-acre lake plays a critical role in regional water management. At 13 miles long and about 60 feet at its maximum depth, the lake also provides year-round recreation opportunities including camping, fishing, boating and water-skiing.

Its recreation benefits extend beyond the lake. Water released into the Lackawaxen River reduces its temperature in the summer, making it more suitable for some fish, most notably trout. Warmer lake water released to the Lackawaxen in winter leaves waters open so bald eagles can obtain food throughout the year, much to the delight of bird-watchers and other nature lovers. And water releases are scheduled at certain times of year to support boating and recreation on the river.

Lake Wallenpaupack also serves as a flood control resource for the Lackawaxen and Delaware rivers. The lake's ability to hold water and store it for gradual release at an appropriate time helps to limit the effects of flooding downstream. PPL manages the lake level, in accordance with its FERC license, to support recreational uses and provide the maximum water-storage capability at times when flooding is most likely to occur.

PPL owns most of Lake Wallenpaupack's shoreline and uses sound land management practices to help protect the quality of the lake's water and the natural beauty of the shoreline.

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